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We Love Tim

Well the Spurs won! I have to say I’m not much of a sports fan usually but it is still was, at the very least, interesting. Some of the guys at work had various theories on why the Spurs took … Continue reading

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Pepper Strikes Again.

Wow. I should write these things more often. Well, I have started my job at Rackspace. I am still getting a bit used to the hours but it has been pretty fun so far! The people are really nice, fun, … Continue reading

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I’ve wanted a synth for almost as long as I have been making music. And finally…supposedly coming in Thursday, I will have my brand new Access Virus Classic. I’ve been drooling over that thing for a year or so already … Continue reading

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Ok so we’re moved into our new home for the next few months, everything is cool, yadda yadda. Well, the BBS is having some trouble since my friends who were originally going to house the server no longer have access … Continue reading

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