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Odd that I follow up a blog post about farts with something that might actually be useful to the world. That’s just how I roll. In any case, I have spent the last week or so writing a new application … Continue reading

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I never want to live in a world where farts aren’t funny. That’s not my kind of world. Today one of my beloved co-workers strolled into the bathroom while I was just finishing up my personal #1 (I don’t want … Continue reading

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Cable TV. Now I know why people steal it.

After a month of trying to find a resonable deal on cable TV, we are ending up paying more than I budgeted for with little satisfaction. Unfortunately, the Holy Grail of cable (and possibly fiber), Grand Communications, is not yet … Continue reading

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eMusic, Part 2

Last night I tried the new eMusic trial for the second time. My first experience with eMusic during their first trail period. This wsa back when they offered unlimited downloads for a flat fee. As you can imagine, that was … Continue reading

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After 3 motherboards, 5 network cards, 3 hard drives, 2 controller cards, and 2 bootable CD’s, I am back to square one. Of what, one may ask? Well, a few days ago I was at work with my iPod which … Continue reading

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Last night Brandon, Amy, Corey and I all want to the Alamo Drafhouse to see Click. All in all it was a good, albeit some what predicatable, movie. The food was delicious, however. I had two glasses of Raspberry flavored … Continue reading

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SSL Certificate Goodness

I have been wanting to purchase one for the website for some time and I finally have. You now should be able to login and update your preferences in the absence of any popup warnings about self-signed certificate cheapness. Enjoy!

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