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OCRemix, I’m done with you.

Alright so I shouldn’t be breaking open old wounds, but why not. I decided to spend some time organizing my MP3 collection and since iTunes has this cool new album cover browser, I decided I ought to spend some time … Continue reading

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Going To RenFest Tomorrow!


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Grant Street Pizza

You know, at Rackspace, we are all about Fanatical Support. Being a support technician, I can tell you that this is more than just a sales gimmick to charge high prices for servers. It is how we live, work, and … Continue reading

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New Vote Topic!

This one seemed appropriate given the current events and my lifestyle. Personally, I think the next best console is going to be the Wii. I hate Microsoft and Sony seems to be either unlucky or making bad decisions (or geniuses … Continue reading

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Bookmarks Are Back!

I was having a hard time keeping track of some of the many neat sites I have been finding in my quest for fixing my sick Ms. Pac-Man upright so I finally decided to re-write my bookmarks scripts for the … Continue reading

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Wynter’s Eve

I know, spelling Winter with a Y went out like hot-pink pants. So :) Either way, I have been working on this song off and on for a little while between trying to fix Pac-Man and playing World of Warcraft. … Continue reading

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