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Second Impressions of Django

Since my first impressions of Django were generally cautiously optimistic, I opted to keep at it to see how things go. There’s still plenty to learn but so far, but the framework is turning out to be beautiful. Not necessarily … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Django

I have wanted to have an excuse to try Django for a long while and decided to give it a go. I have been thinking about expanding on my Aquariduino controller idea and adding to it a web-based application that … Continue reading

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URP Preparing for Production Run of 7″

I took a little longer than expected as we had to have a few rounds of test pressings made to make sure the audio quality and coloring (for the special edition) was good, but we have now signed off on … Continue reading Continue reading

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Going Solar (Hopefully)

Today we had Brandon from IES come out to get a look at our home and get an idea of costs. It was the first actual visit by an installer we have had so I guess is sort of a … Continue reading

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Digging Deeper Into Arduino

I have used the Arduino for a few things now – most notably, for the ShieldBoy and ArduinoBoy Advance (sorry I haven’t made a build doc for that yet). The fun part of those was designing custom boards and, in … Continue reading

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