Today I finally pulled the trigger and switched to WordPress. I have been thinking about it for a long time but decided today was the day.

Thing is, WordPress is far from perfect. The schema design, while better than Drupal has a lot to be desired. InnoDB seems to be the default now but there are no foreign keys defined (and reading online that seems to be a problem). WordPress also relies on poor MySQL assumptions (such as flagging warnings on null, and zero dates) which would be resolved by using TRADITIONAL mode.

I’m a DBA so, of course, that’s where my main rants would be. However, it’s wildly better than my own customized software in many ways. I do wish it used a true templating system (such as Smarty but otherwise as a user it’s lightyears ahead of my own work. And while I could make my work better, I realized, if I have so many gripes, why not just try to make WordPress better instead of trying to completely reinvent the wheel.

Part of me really likes going it my own way but that really boils down to being hot for designing databases. So maybe I can try to have my opinions represented in WordPress instead. Or at least work on other things instead of the core blog.

There’s plenty to do still. The theme is fugly, my music section is non-existant at the moment, all my photos are gone, etc. But at least now I have a very nice reasonably featured blog and can add the rest as I need. The music section, for instance, really could be more integrated with BamdCamp and Last.FM using either as back-end file stores and statistics. Same holds true for Flickr. I mean I like the idea of keeping all my stuff under one roof but I can’t deny that those services (BandCamp especially) are really awesome for aspiring musicians such as myself.

Anyways enjoy, the new blog, I guess.