Today was the first day of the MySQL Conference and I learned quite a bit. Nothing that was anything super-new but a good refreshing of things I haven’t really looked at in a while.

The first tutorial was over Memcached and I ended up learning exactly what I wanted – namely ways to use multiple memcached servers together. I also learned some better ways of interfacing with the memcache. Found out that namespaces are supported, too. I had been emulating that in various applications, partly because I was using the PHP-memcache extension (instead of PHP-memcached). I am excited to check out how Drizzle interfaces with Memcached as well. Turns out, it can be a nice way to monitor memcache instances by way of the data_dictionary tables. Very cool!

The second tutorial was over InnoDB/XtraDB. This was more of a refresher for me, though I did pick up a few things I did not know previously, mostly in regards to some of the new 5.5 knobs you can turn for InnoDB performance.

All in all a good day! Looking forward to tomorrow for moar learning action plus the expo hall!