I have been working late into the evening the last few days to finish my SammichFM before I have to go out of town for a while. I have finished everything except the in-fill painting and am happy to report that everything appears to be working!

I created a quick and dirty demotune that show cases some of the basic things you can do. It can do a whole lot more but I haven’t figured out how to do most anything yet :) The demo is dry – I had a nice delay on the SammichFM output but opted to remove it just to showcase what the SammichFM itself can do. Pretty cool stuff!

As far as building goes, once I’m done with painting, I’m going to go back to finishing my MB-SIDR8TR design so I can start building it. The control surface ended up being more complicated than I thought – mostly because of having to measure and re-measure and re-measure and then find out that the LCD don’t fit. Stuff like that, though it’s coming along nicely and will look pretty awesome once I finish the control surface board designs.