Today, Corey’s mom gave me some of her albums on vinyl. Among them were many assorted gems, include Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie Nelson, John Denver and the Muppets (a Christmas album I’m going to try real hard not to play until the Holidays), and assorted classical albums. Some need a bit of cleaning but other than collecting dust for quite some time, they’re in pretty good shape and will keep me occupied for quite some time.

The classical albums I’m really excited about actually. Not something I normally listen to (outside of movie soundtracks) but I’ve read that they are generally accentuate the vinyl medium the most. I’m actually listening to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 according to the album cover while I’m writing this and it sounds rather good. It makes me curious what it sounds like on some insanely expensive setup but I’m pretty happy with my current setup.

This vinyl thing is a bit of an addiction, but it sure is fun! I’ve listened to quite a few things lately I would have never listened to, both new and old, and that’s fantastic, if a bit time consuming. I’m getting behind with mastering our latest Victim Cache songs. John may have to start cracking the whip ;)

In any case, thanks again for the albums, Corey’s mom! Also Happy Birthday to G-Pa and to many more!