Today while on our way to Central Market (Corey wanted some polenta), we made a small detour so I could finally check out Hogwild Records, a local “mom and pop” record store in San Antonio. The original goal was to see if they had any good 12″ EDM singles. They had a few, though not near as many as I was hoping for. They did, however, have Daft Punk’s Discovery on 2xLP. Though it was a bit of an impulse buy (and not cheap), it was well worth it. The album art is fantastic, but it sounds even better! There is detail I just never heard on the (lossy, in fairness) digital copies of the songs I have and, as with many other albums on vinyl, it just sounds more lifelike. The trade-off is that it’s less punchy perhaps. The side-chain compression is less noticeable on the bass hits and I recall that being at the forefront on the digital copies. So far, of the last 3 albums I have purchased recently (the other two being The King Is Dead by the Decemberists; and Music is Better Than Words by Seth MacFarlane), it’s the best. I’m pretty sure it’s a reissue as well but that doesn’t seem to have adversely affected the quality.

As far as Hogwild itself, while it felt a bit hipster-esque on the inside, they definitely had a healthy selection of vinyl. Given that their EDM section is somewhat small, the next stop will likely be Waterloo in Austin. Online it seems the only places to get good modern DJ-centric EDM are places based out of the UK :/