Yours Turly @ The Falls

The Falls came and went, but what a memorable night it was! First I want to say thanks to The Falls, SA Roller Derby, Landon, and everyone that came out (for me or the fundraiser)! It was absolutely incredible and I hope folks that came by the Martini Lounge (where I was mixing it up) enjoyed themselves!

I did such a good job (I think?) that Jenni even invented a new fist-bump handshake. The jellyfish. Folks really dug Greyhound (of course) but also got pretty into it when I played Zedd’s rendition of the Legend of Zelda. Had a compliment from the bartender too as apparently she likes progressive house (the core of my set) and that doesn’t get played often enough for her taste I would guess. Anyways it was good times!

By the way, sorry to the folks that wanted Tejano and Rap. That’s not what I do, but they had that going in the other room, so hopefully you were covered.