As far back as I can remember, I have had to wear glasses. For whatever reason, until recently, I had written off contacts as being a possibility. But over the last few years I have asked my ophthalmologist about them. While he could not guarantee anything, he said it we could give it a go and this time around I finally went for it.
Unfortunately I can’t wear soft-lenses and I think I would have adjusted better to them. But I can wear gas permeables and am on day 3 of trying them out.

What a difference they make! I feel like I can see better, especially when using a computer which is something I didn’t at all expect. They are still rather uncomfortable but slowly getting better. I am only on day 3 so I guess it’s too soon to claim victory but I remain quite hopeful!

It reminds me of a quite I saw on Reddit (that should really be a t-shirt): “Science! It works, bitches!”

UPDATE: Chris Y. found the shirt! Thanks Chris (and xkcd)!