I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon of sharing emotive photos and catch-phrases on things like Facebook. It is not my style and, honestly, I usually find it too easy – what does it really mean to post a picture someone else made with a one sentence tagline? Facebook is permeated with so many of those things that anything gained is lost in the sea of useless noise.

But today is maybe a little bit different and while I have tried to stay away from being permeated with the phrase “Never Forget,” I do want to share something that I really and truly find touching that I certainly hope I never forget:

I saw this on TV live and I am just as touched now as I was back then. There might be a lot wrong with our Country, the current divisive political machine being a great example, but the above reminds me certainly of what I value in our Country and what I think ultimately is perhaps the most wonderful thing that makes us great – our spirit.