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These are among my favorite photographs that I have taken. All shot on film, which granted shouldn’t make they any more or less special for anyone viewing them, but does make them a little more special to me. I enjoy the film workflow and, yes, “the look” and while I can approximate that look with digital, that then goes back to enjoying the workflow. Some of these images are true surprises that I would have never done in digital just because I wouldn’t have thought that way.

If you would like a print of these, I’m flattered! I’m working on various ways to contact me. Most black and whites I’d prefer to darkroom print which does limit the size currently to 8×10 (though they would be hand made by me). I’m still looking for a 4×5 enlarger so some of the large format black and whites will have to be lab printed. Color prints can be available in a number of sizes.