How Local Businesses Get My Monies, And Why I Like It That Way

These days it seems like big box retailers and the Internet are seen as a threat to local business. I tend to think the Internet is more of a threat to big box retailers more so. Either way, I have actually found myself spending more money locally as of late. …

I Can Haz Contacts!

As far back as I can remember, I have had to wear glasses. For whatever reason, until recently, I had written off contacts as being a possibility. But over the last few years I have asked my ophthalmologist about them. While he could not guarantee anything, he said it we …

Orders Submitted for the 7″!

Our dub-plate came in from Aardvark earlier this week and we have spent the last few days listening to it to make sure it sounds good. Good is an understatement – it sounds amazing! Tsunami Gaiden sounds perfect. In fact, … Continue reading

Designing a Live Rack Power Supply

Since we are still waiting on both Aardvark to send us our reference lacquer, as well as some mounting hardware for my ArduinoBoy Advance, and have had a stomach bug creep through cancelling practice; I spent some time switching gears … Continue reading

This is Stupid.

Part of me is bothered by the mere fact I even bring this up but maybe if I just throw it out there I can move on to important things. This fiasco with Chick-Fil-A is getting ridiculous. I see both sides of the argument, but using a fast food chain …

About Time For An Update!

Lots of things have been going on and admittedly we have been a bit lazy about keeping the blog up to date, opting to use Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. Those things are great but they are still … Continue reading