I spent some time poking around Google to see if the rolling blackouts would continue and stumbled across this gem. Yesterday I saw on the news some homeowner (who, by the way, had a rather large house) that was pissed because he had to go out to a coffee shop to get coffee. Poor baby.

The northern states are going through a record blizzard (I saw a video of a car straight up on it’s front grille!) and people are throwing sharpened rocks at each other in Egypt. We’re Texans, let’s act like it, mmk? It’s a little cold. It’s not even icy. If you have a fireplace, use it. If not and your house gets too cold, go someplace with power. That dude who wanted his coffee in his huge mansion could do good by helping the needy. If there’s nothing to do, go do some volunteer work. Maybe then you can realize how petty having to drive 2 miles for coffee actually is. This weather isn’t that damn difficult and certainly not worth complaining about compared to what people should really be complaining about. Again, sharpened stones and mobs in Egypt! Seriously! Grow a pair, Texans!