For my birthday, Landon made me a cake! But not just any cake, a Creeper cake! Given his knowledge of my dislike towards Gumby, I thought he was going to make based around Gumby. In fact, when he started revealing the cake (as he had it covered), I thought that’s what it was going to be. To my surprise, it wasn’t Gumby, but perhaps just as dangerous! Fortunately, no one put any explosives in the cake (though that was apparently discussed), though Amy did attempt to set it on fire by putting a whole ton of candles on it. Actually, Matt almost set it on fire when he dropped a candle onto the cardboard. Kim then, in trying to extinguish it, blew out all the other candles right when Amy was almost done. That was pretty funny. I didn’t mind that I didn’t get to blow out the candles either because watching Kim and Matt freak out was entertainment enough.

The cake itself was damn delicious. I’m not sure how Landon made it but I know it was some sort of cream cheese frosting (SOO good!). It got me all jacked up on a sugar high too! In the end, I have a ton of cake left-over and it was a really awesome and thoughtful thing of Landon to do!

The rest of yesterday was pretty neat too. We all went out for a steak dinner to compensate for our Valentine’s Day dinner fiasco and to celebrate Corey, Gary, and my birthdays. Brandon also gave me an early birthday present (my actual birthday is Tuesday) – Amnesia. Brandon says it scares him and he’s not easily scared by stuff like that. I am. I haven’t even finished Doom 3! So, needless to say, I’m concerned – I sure as hell am not going to try it with headphones in the dark! But I’m going to give it a go. Brandon knows I’m not one to refuse to play any gifted games :) It seems like an awesome game…if I can survive it.