This weekend I ended up having what appears to be food poisoning of some sort. There’s plenty of ugly details to share there, but I’ll keep those to myself but will say that the past few days have not been very fun. This was only a month after I was sick last time with a stomach bug, argh. I hate being sick! Hopefully it’s not the start of a trend since I’m usually not a sickly person.

In any event, while being down for the count, I had time to watch The Social Network (actually I watched it the night of being sick shortly before the onset). I know the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg has been put into question, however I have to say I love to see movies that actually try and give a damn at being somewhat technically accurate. All the scenes involving a computer were pretty damn awesome. They even went as far as to use an older version of Linux (Debian it looks like) running Mozilla since FireFox wasn’t around then. They even put things like “mark@zuckerberg:” for the shell prompts. It was all very cool! Some of it was a bit unrelated (pings to random IPs for no reason as contents for a shell window behind a browser) but it ranked up there with Sneakers, which is basically my favorite moving about computers.

In fact The Social Network inspired me to get my copy of Sneakers out and watch it again. Though it’s old by today’s standards, back then it looked like they also tried fairly hard to make things at least appear realistic, and I appreciate that. Compare and contrast that to Hackers. I hate that movie. Largely because it has no bearing on reality. Which is fine but they attempt reality in various parts of the movie so I have a hard time bridging the believability gap. I think that’s why I like space-movies since it’s usually so far in the future that it’s more of a non-issue. To be fair, some franchises have done a better job than others.

And that reminds me (though I’m not sure why…maybe it’s the sickness), where the #$^@ are my Walking Dead graphic novels, Amazon!