As much as I love our current home, we are starting to outgrow it and have been looking around. We have found something we really like but the problem is we need to sell our current house. Our realtor has been extremely helpful, but one of the more difficult issues has been our cats. It is fairly difficult to sell a house with cats, so they say (and I can understand why). That means we have had to find new homes for Pixel and Smokey. Pixel is going back from whence she came (at the ranch). I think it will be a good life lesson for her. Unfortunately, Smokey could not come along and I’m not sure he would do so well as an outside cat again anyway. He was my Grandpa’s old cat and when my Grandpa passed, he was stuck to fend for himself against racoons and other animals. As a result, while he has been known to go outside on occasion, he usually ends up meowing at our front door a few hours later.

Smokey is a wonderfully sweet, if a bit skittish, cat. He’s a pretty big dude but he often sleeps at the foot of our bed and keeps my feet warm, so that’s a nice bonus. I’ll really miss the guy. I am hoping we can find him a home but we are running out of time and may have to leave him with the SPCA. If anyone would like a cat, or knows someone that would, let us know!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, we have an electric automatic catbox thinger that we would be happy to give to whomever offers to take Smokey in. It doesn’t work so well with multiple cats, but would likely do the job otherwise.