Last weekend I went over to one of the Game Over stores in Austin and couldn’t have been more impressed. First the goods:

In order, I ended up with:

  • Kirby’s Dream Land
  • Super Mario Land
  • ExciteBike
  • Gradius
  • Fester’s Quest
  • Life Force
  • MegaMan 2
  • Zelda (Gold
  • Air Fortress

Some nice finds in there – the Zelda cartridge is in really good shape given the age and MegaMan 2 is near mint, for instance. But the best find, by far, was Air Fortress. I have been looking for that game for over a decade. I played it way way back when as a rental and, ever since, have been looking for it. I could never remember the name, however. Which is not surprising since Air Fortress doesn’t really relate to the fact that the game takes place in space :) In any case, the person there was super super helpful, actually taking the time to help me find all the stuff I was looking for, seeming genuinely interested in helping me find out the game I was looking for.

This place is amazing. I haven’t been to the San Antonio location yet but you can bet I will be going there soon. I spent a good chunk of change at Game Over but I can say it was well worth it. Thankfully a gaming shop that sells vintage games and is also extremely awesome! Thanks to the folks at XCSSA for mentioning it!