I completed my class and pool work for my Scuba certification this weekend! Other than having a slight cold (which can affect diving a bit due to making it difficult to equalize ear pressure), I had a great time and already want to get back in the water (pool or otherwise).

This is all because I want to have my Scuba certification when we go on our cruise in November. Though Corey isn’t going with me, Lanna (Corey’s step-mom) may as she is working on her certification as well and will be on the cruise. Regardless, I really wanted to Scuba while being so close to a pretty reef (why would anyone not want to see one up close!?) and wanted a license over doing a rush course on the boat.

Turns out, Scuba diving is easy and mostly common sense. The diving tables are the most confusing thing I found and they are nothing but simple addition. Dive computers largely render them moot anyway. Remembering to breathe at all times is important, too, particularly on ascents.

The only real ting I was apprehensive about was clearing my ears. That was made a bit worse with my cold but didn’t prove to be too much of a problem. Almost all hearing related injuries are due to not being able to clear one’s ears or trying too hard to do so. Easily avoided by simply not descending further if you can’t easily clear them. Diving with a cold is also a bad idea – I try to ward off the effects with alergy medication (which worked really well) and nasal spray. It was to about 13 feet in the pool. In a real dive, I don’t think I’d chance it though. I’m a musician, after all, hearing is important :)

Given that the biggest concern I had was hearing loss, and that is generally rather easily avoided, Scuba ended up being easy, so far. Looking forward to our open water dive in a few weeks, which will likely be at Aquarina Springs, woo!