This last Wednesday, I completed my final required dives to be Open Water Certified (via Scuba School International)! It took a bit longer since the second Open Water dive was cancelled due to flooding caused by the last big rains we had. In fact, I ended up going on a private dive with a dive master instead just to avoid waiting too long since we go on our cruise in less than two weeks. The private dive was awesome and I’m glad I did it that way. We were able to concentrate on the areas I wanted to work on and had ample time to have some fun. He was nice enough to let me try out my GoPRO (with a Mako flat lens) as well

So far, all my dives have been in the Comal river, but they have been really fun. River diving isn’t as bad as I thought it was, though I’m curious about how lake diving goes. Surely nothing can compare to ocean diving, but I don’t think I will be able to do that all that often. Aquarina Springs is also a place I want to go, although that may require a Science certification since it’s a sensitive natural location. A science certification is something I wouldn’t mind pursuing anyway, in addition to Nitrox.

Even though I know the Caribbean is going to be amazing, just being able to hang out under water and relax is something I really, really, enjoy! I highly recommend folks give it a try! On the note, Dive Masters offers a free intro class that I cannot recommend enough. It is a great time to ask questions, understand the costs, and try out some of the gear.