The Genessis Machine Cover Art

The Genesis Machine is out marking the 11th song of our upcoming album, Chipsurf Pipeline. I had an incredibly fun time mixing/mastering this one. It uses all the channels of both the GameBoy and NES, has some awesome guitar work by John, and the song itself I find captivating. I’m very very proud of both the mix and the song and I think our fans will love it!

Like some of our other songs, this sat on the shelf for a while as we had somewhat of a hard time trying to finalize the part at the end. Initially the transition was too abrupt, then it was too happy. Finally, with some awesome 80’s style lead work by John and a characteristic chipsurf bridge, we ended up with what you hear in the song now. It is a bit Top-Gun like but that makes for an interesting twist and rounds out an otherwise rather dark song.

I do hope you give it a listen! The low quality version of the song can be downloaded for free, but if you like this and/or our other songs, please support us by buying the high quality digital version of the album! A vinyl release is also planned, likely to be funded with the help of a Kickstarter project. Details will be forthcoming if you are interested in either obtaining a limited edition vinyl release, or simply want to help support us!