As you know, I have been trying to get my Scuba certification and fortunately obtained it in time so that I could go diving on our cruise we took a few weeks ago. Lanna (Corey’s step-mom and family friend) also was able to obtain hers and so we ended up both booking a two-dive excursion in Cozumel. And, oh man, was it all worth it. I can’t hope to describe how amazing, surreal, and serene it was down there. I was able to take some video although no video would ever do it justice compared to seeing it in person. Regardless, here is a taste:

Sorry for the lack of music. I plan on composing some but have been focused on Victim Cache as far as music goes and with the Holidays being here, I don’t have too much time. Video was taken using a GoPRO with a Mako flat lens mod. I made some minor white balance and hue changes since the camera picked up overly blue tones. I knew that would happen but it was more blue than I remember seeing with my own eyes so I made a few adjustments.

Can’t wait to go back!