Ms. Pac-Man and Space Duel Side By Side

I spent part of this afternoon finally getting around to seeing if I could fix the display issues on my Space Duel machine. Turns out that one of the wires that connects the HV board to a wiring harness had come loose so after some cleaning up of dust and the like, a quick resolder job appears to have fixed things! Looks like it could still use a cap-kit since there’s some wavy lines here and there but the thing fired up and had no issues after a few hours of being on, yay!

It needs more work, mostly cosmetic since the sides are in a sad state of affair, there are no locks on the coin doors, I need to get new trim pieces, and maybe even a new control board overlay. But hey it’s playable! Ms. Pac-Man needs a bit of work too. I think I’m going to try paining the sides myself since most of the original art is still there so I can just trace it (or so is the plan). Either way, it’s nice to see them side by side!