At this point, I am now maintaining 3 separate blogs, plus Facebook pages, plus Twitter feeds for myself plus our band (Victim Cache) and now my DJ stuff (DJ Sweetums). The reason for all the separation is because they are for distinctly different purposes (read: marketing) and lumping them under one blog that did not have a directed meaning would not be very helpful for me our anyone else. But how do I do a better job at keeping track of all these?

My thought lately has been to turn into a portal of all my interests. In fact, I’m already working on obtaining a DBA and officially making Moocow Productions (of Texas) a sole proprietorship to help manage the assets of the band, my DJ work, consulting, etc. That brings a potential new focus to the website while also allowing me to focus on other things, such as re-branding my solo musical work. I could move my personal blog to something like and have the main site merely aggregate all the content across everything else.

Sounds simple! But it represents a great deal of work and my efforts have largely been focused on Victim Cache followed by rounding out my DJ skills to set the stage for being able to do that in the future. So I’m not totally sure when I will get around to this, but I think it needs to get done. It’s 2012, after all, and the theme for MoocowProductions has grown a big long in the tooth anyway and could use a facelift. Would be a good time to, thus, reorganize things in a more sensible way.