Last week I traveled to Tuscon with the TeamSnap crew but managed to spare a little bit of time to expose some film. While I took a number of photos using Velvia 50, I’m waiting to develop those for a bit since I’ll likely be shooting Velvia next week as well. Since I will have to send those off to be developed in a lab, I wanted to stock up a bit so I could just send one order in. So I’ll hopefully have those in a few weeks.

In the meantime, these images were shot using Portra 800 save for the first one which was a 4×5 shot with Ektar 100. I have to say while I haven’t had much luck with Portra 400 as much, I rather like Portra 800 although it seemed a little less predictable. Perhaps using my local lab dev and scans would have made things better. Developing C-41 negatives in a hand tank allows for some inconsistency and I noticed some of the negatives had a yellowish cast. Granted, I was in a desert but I recall having similar issues with Portra 400 which makes me a tad suspect. Anyways enough rambling, onto the results!

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