I’ve been slow to post these, which is a shame since I rather like these, but here are some of the 4×5 shots I took with the Intrepid on a recent trip to Oregon. I took with me some HP5, T-Max 100 (TMX), Ektar and Velvia. It was the first time I tried using TMX in 4×5 and was not disappointed. Velvia is still a hard film to figure out for me to the point I may want to try Provia in 4×5 first and work my way up. It seems hard to learn. Consequently, the waterfall in color was best in Ektar but Velvia fared much better with the like beach boulder, though didn’t quite pop how I thought. HP5 performed as I expected it to (which is to say very well).

[envira-gallery id=”2436″]

These won’t win awards but it was good practice with using 4×5 and the trip itself was quite fun, even if it was incredibly hot for the time of year.