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Well that was short-lived

I wish I knew a spammer. LIke persnally. So then I could figure out why and how they have the conscience to invade by blog and post their stupid shit about online casinos and debt consolidation. As you can imagine, … Continue reading

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Comments Restored

The comments system has been restored. Come to find out there were some dirty spammers that added about 2000 comments to my blog at some point. I never really saw them in my posts so who knows. Either way I … Continue reading

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On the Other Side

Well here it is. The new Moocow Productions. There is much to be done still, and really the big stuff no one will have the opportunity to see since it is basically all back-end. But it does allow me to … Continue reading

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Donnie Darko.

About two weeks ago, Stark, Campbell, and I were having a relatively quiet Sunday of working. Lately, Sunday’s have had a steady stream of traffic, so it was a nice change to be able to relax for a spell. I … Continue reading

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