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Almost a new year, almost a new blog

Today I pulled the trigger and switched to WordPress. Continue reading

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Since I am not longer doing the whole K-RACK thing regularly (though will still be doing that hopefully at least once a month or quarter), I thought I might as well setup a place to put all my DJ Mixes. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had as great a Christmas as we did! As always, it’s such a buildup and then free-fall after the Holidays are over but there is always next year! I got some really neat things, gave some nice … Continue reading

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Thanksmix, 2010

Slam – Pendulum We Can Have It All (Sigma Remix) – Danny Byrd The Arrival feat. Jan Burton (Original Mix) – Metrik Crush – Pendulum Witchcraft (John B Remix) – Pendulum The Island – Pt. I (Dawn) – Pendulum The … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hello from 31,800 feet!

This is only the second time I have had the pleasure of using Wi-Fi on an aircraft. Though I know how the technology works, I still find it pretty damned amazing. It’s really high up here! At 31,000 feet, the … Continue reading

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Drizzle, now with more dump

Too far? Well it’s a bit true really :) Over the past several weeks, Andrew and the Drizzle team have been working on squashing quite a few bugs with drizzzledump, Drizzle’s own advanced version of mysqldump. Patrick was kind enough … Continue reading

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My Office – After

At long last, my office is (almost) finished! To recap, my desk before was pretty much a disaster: Pretty nasty. Sorry for now having large versions of the above but I was both lazy and it is really not much … Continue reading

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My Reddit Secret Santa

This year I decided to participate in the Reddit Secret Santa. I thought my gift was pretty neat but since I do not know if my fellow Redditor received it yet, I will hold off on saying what that is. … Continue reading

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