This is only the second time I have had the pleasure of using Wi-Fi on an aircraft. Though I know how the technology works, I still find it pretty damned amazing. It’s really high up here! At 31,000 feet, the clouds look tiny! Probably lower clouds than is possible but it looks cool!

I even get a free massage (read: it’s pretty bumpy up here). I also probably won’t be playing any Minecraft SMP up here – unless someone happens to be hosting a server on the plane :) Could play StarCraft 2 but oh wait…Blizzard doesn’t let you host your own servers (Blizzard is #! – and by that I mean _|_). But SSH works. Latency is actually not that bad actually – sort of on par with dial-up but with more bandwidth

Anyways, I feel like it’s the future and thought I would share. Apologies if this post is not of good literary standards – had to do some emergency work at the ‘Biz late last night and only ended up getting about 2 hours sleep. Just all part of the job (don’t worry, we got things fixed). But hey the view up here makes it almost worth it!

UPDATE: Thanks to Google for sponsoring the free Wi-Fi! And also, now we’re at 40,000 feet. DAMN! That’s 12km (also thanks to Google) for the Metric folk (which, by the way, should be all of us. It’s the future! Wi-Fi on planes! It’s time to rock the metric system like a boss!)
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UPDATE 2: Also, big thanks to the family that all wanted to sit together. I have the whole side to myself! Three seats baby! THREE SEAT POWER! I hope it’s not because I smell funny or something :) Also, another snap at 40,000 feet: