Mastering Engineers! Don’t do this, please!

Ya dicks. This is ridiculous: To be fair, Ableton Live tends to squish waveforms down a bit and make them look more dynamically compressed than they perhaps actually are. Even so, I taken a look at quite a few waveforms in Live from other digital tracks (such as when comparing …


Since it is taking longer than we thought to perfect the track-listing for Chipsurf Pipeline, as well as other odds and ends before we formally launch the digital version, we thought we would offer up some out-takes from our Kickstarter … Continue reading

How do digital and vinyl differ on dynamic range?

This is a question I have thought about ever since I started getting into vinyl. Hipsters often make the (wrong) argument that digital produces stair-stepped sound and that’s why vinyl sounds better since it’s a continuous wave. That argument drives me nuts because it is, in large part, wrong. Modern …

Picked up Daft Punk’s Discovery On LP

Today while on our way to Central Market (Corey wanted some polenta), we made a small detour so I could finally check out Hogwild Records, a local “mom and pop” record store in San Antonio. The original goal was to see if they had any good 12″ EDM singles. They …

GSO #1

GSO #1 is a mix I made while up on-site at my day job for some friends there. Big thanks to Landon for doing some more voice-overs for the new show name (The Swell). They turned out rather awesome, though … Continue reading


We are wrapping up our mastering of Chipsurf Pipeline and are already starting to look at what our next album is going to look like. So far, the direction we are headed with it is incredibly exciting for us. We … Continue reading

Thanksmix, 2011

This is a special 2-hour set I did in the wee hours of the morning Sunday night for a small LAN party amongst friends. I’m not a huge dubstep fan, but they asked and I did my best to deliver … Continue reading