Watched the New Cosmos

And it was absolutely glorious! Really hope it was a ratings success as well as this show deserves to be on TV and on prime-time. So good!

Cassette Culture

I didn’t understand it quite at first. In fact, I still don’t think I have it fully figured out. But cassettes are making a bit of a comeback these days. I call it the “poor man’s analog.” Cassettes are cheap … Continue reading

The Quest for a Mixer

For the past few months now we have been working towards live shows. This remains our new goal around our next album, which will be somewhat of a departure from the first in a few respects (but will still be … Continue reading

This is Stupid.

Part of me is bothered by the mere fact I even bring this up but maybe if I just throw it out there I can move on to important things. This fiasco with Chick-Fil-A is getting ridiculous. I see both sides of the argument, but using a fast food chain …

We were in the paper!

This last Wednesday, the Bandera Bulletin gave us a featured article on the front-page of the paper! That was huge for us and a massive thanks to James and Jessica and everyone over at the Bulletin that made that happen! … Continue reading

What have we been up to?

It’s been a while since we have said too much recently since our first Hackerspace workshop, so I thought I might spend some time talking about that. Much of our time for the band has been spent trying to promote … Continue reading

Hosting Sets on MixCloud

How did I not know about this!? I am probably the last DJ to know about this but MixCloud is a free service for hosting and listening to DJ mixes. Unlike other avenues, it has licenses to allow the sharing … Continue reading

Stuff Is In the Mail

On Saturday, I sent off the paperwork to have our very first dub-plate made! I’m not sure how long it takes but it was an exercise in what the world was like before the Internet for sure. Paper forms, paper … Continue reading

My First Indie Vinyl Experience

I normally post these sorts of things on my personal blog, but I thought I would make an exception here because I think it could very easily relate to our future plans for Victim Cache and thought our fans might … Continue reading