You know, I am usually very good with my possessions, particularly the expensive ones (such as my laptop). Today that streak ended, I’m sorry to say. Corey and I were coming back from working out earlier today and when I went to go grab my backpack from the trunk, I lost my grip and it ended up on the ground. I didn’t think much of it at first but then quickly realized my awesome work laptop was inside.

I went inside and took a shower, thinking about terrible surprise might be waiting for me. I got back to my home office, and, at first, was relieved when I saw the first corner of the laptop as I pulled it from it’s neoprene glove. I thought that, if there would be a dent, it would be by the zipper of the case. Nope. Turns out it was the other corner.

Fortunately, the dent is on the bottom-left where the battery is. The screen also appears to be without harm (though there is a dent in the same place on the lid. The cost to replace the top unibody and lid? A quick Google search suggests around $500. Ouch. Well, it was my own fault and is a word of warning. Those neoprene cases only go so far.