These are some of my favorite photos from my first foray into color film in a long time (we don’t need to bother with the math to know how long). Show with Ektar 100 and Portra 800. They aren’t in chronological order (whoops) for some reason so some of the Portra may have been mixed up. I had these developed with the fine folks at Digital Pro Lab since they were local. Not the cheapest but they were friendly to work with and, while I haven’t compared really any color photo labs, boy did the scans turn out well! I will be likely getting some (digital and film) enlargements from them as well.

Ektar 100 lived up to its name for being vivid in my opinion, but the Portra did a pretty good job as well – I used it for some of the landscapes since I saw some while we were hiking up in Juneau. Between the two I do like the Ektar better for the shots I took, but there are times I would definitely want Portra. I was surprised by how good some of these turned out relative to my black and whites. I knew I’d like doing black and white film photography, but wasn’t sure about the color. And, yep, I’m pretty well sold! Now to be fair I got some lovely shots on my DSLR but I’m still going through them. Nice thing about film is I didn’t spend much time on these. Partly on purpose since I wanted to show them off as they were given to me from the lab, but also because that’s part of the point. The point is to get the exposure right the first time. Film is more forgiving than digital there (in my experience) but the hope is that the desire to get the right picture translates to both. It’s a lot of work to go through 750+ digital photos. Having said that though, I do plan on “scanning” (via the DSLR method) the negatives myself just to compare them to the lab’s scans just to see.

Anyways here they are! Not fine art but I am certainly happy with the results!

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