I took the Mamiya out yesterday while we went out to have brunch at Halcyon (close to Bluestar). I did so mostly to test to see if my new light seals actually are working as they should (they seem to be!) and to also play around with my new Sekonic light meter. Unfortunately a made the dumb mistake of setting the EV on the meter the wrong way to compensate for the filters I was using and, as a result, about half my shots were under-exposed. But I did still manage to get some good ones including one that, finally, has a nice darker sky! I think my issues earlier with trying to get darker skies was that the sun was either too high, there was too much dust, or it was just not a good part of the sky to pull out enough blue to make a difference. I’ll have to continue perfecting that, but was definitely happy to finally get some cool results!

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