I only shot 1 color roll up in Colorado, mostly of mountain views from the car – but we did have time to stroll around Pearl Street in Boulder. I managed to get the same church in both Ektar 100 and PANF (granted at different times of the day) which resulted in a pretty cool comparison:

[envira-gallery id=”2362″]

Which one do I like more? Well, the print made from the PANF version turned out beautiful. I only made a 5×7 but want to print an 8×10 (maybe even an 11×14). But it’s a totally different look. Likewise I love the colors on Ektar, likely in part to how my local lab scans things in. I haven’t yet tried scanning the same negative in on my home scanner (the lab has a much better scanner than I) but I love the color on those bricks. So honestly I like both. If I HAD to pick one, given my current mood, I’d probably pick Ektar 100. But it’s overall less fun since I can’t currently make color wetprints in a darkroom.