Some of my favorite photos from our recent trip up to Colorado. We visited Devil’s Thumb/Winter Park and Boulder. I took mostly FP4 but tried to compare FP4 and Delta 100 in 4×5 to see which I might like better if I could take only one (I have yet to decide). I also shot some of the new Kodak T-Max 3200 (TMZ) and, oh man, I really love that film! The FP4 held up mostly well to what I knew would be difficult to expose for conditions. For 35mm, I would shoot +2 EV if there was a lot of snow in the scene. For 120 and 4×5, I used a combination of incident metering and comparing that to the reading I would get from snow at +2 EV and occasionally used the sky. That worked out though there is a lot of baked in contrast (didn’t help that I used a red filter sometimes, which I knew might end up with over the top scenes in FP4). On the whole though I’m rather happy with the results!

Alas I had a minor blowout with the film back I took for my Bronica SQ which ruined a few shots :/ Appears to be related to the light seals for the dark slide. I haven’t yet figured out what to do about that. The SQ was easily my favorite of the weekend to shoot with. My Intrepid 4×5 was fun but I forgot my dark bag and had to change film under a bunch of sheets on the bed and didn’t want to risk film too much and plus there wasn’t a lot of times I felt comfortable lugging it around yet. As a result I only took 4 shots of it (doing doubles – one of FP4 and Delta 100 each).

I developed the FP4 and TMZ in XTOL 1:1 with pleasing results. Pondering maybe 1:2 for FP4 maybe just to see for next time. Delta 100 I souped in DDX.

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