This afternoon Corey and I went out to see a special 35mm film projection showing of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (also shot on 35mm film) at the Alamo Drafthouse! The movie itself was pretty Tarantino-esque so take that for what you will. Felt like a Pulp Fiction western sort of thing. Very fun but expect full Tarantino here.

It was just stunning on film though! The fantastic cinematography helped as well, accentuated by being projected. The sound was fantastically detailed too (though I’m sure that was digital) – all these subtle sound effects of things.

I enjoyed this SOOOOO much more than going to watch a digital movie at a cinema. Digital is fine. That’s all. It’s just fine. It’s not usually worth going to watch a digital movie next to strangers and paying for overpriced food when I can get almost the same audio/visual experience at home when the 4k Blu-Ray or the stream comes out without the crowds. It’s fine. It’s just not special.

Though the dude next to me was unbelievably annoying, that didn’t spoil the actual movie for me. Watching it on film made it special. Hard to describe but it was very different, and in a good way. Being shot on film the color palette and exposure was just a lot more pleasing but still sharp, detailed, and glorious. But projecting it just added that extra special something.

I really hope more movies come out with projection film showings. Maybe ones we can take Cam to since he has never experienced what cinema was like before digital. And look I’m not trying to wax poetic about the past. I think film is just better looking and I enjoy the full experience more. If I’m gonna go out and deal with the traffic, crowds, prices, it needs to be something better than opening Netflix on our TV and watching from the comfort of our own home.