Here’s my notes from last night’s darkroom session. Super glad Corey swung by Target to pick up the white board yesterday because that really came in handy. She also cut a mask for me so I could more easily burn in the waterfall. <3

This print has been the most complicated one to print of any one I’ve made so far. Negative seemed exposed well but I had to do a lot of burning of the waterfall (hence the mask), I had to even out a weird shadow, needed to darken the top a bit, and darken the water while keeping the reflections, all while making sure the sides were still punchy.

I took the shot during a fleeting moment where there was no one swimming by the falls, so I didn’t have a lot of time to consider my exposure and I may have paid for that here. Likewise using the Zone System might have made my life easier in the darkroom.

Still, the print has turned out wonderful and made all that work well worth it! I made a few prints, and while they are now dry, I will wait to share the final one until after I try some selenium toning (which I’ll do hopefully early next week). This ones definitely going up on my wall and up on my portfolio site!