Look a new camera! Spent part of the weekend trying out my new (to me) Yashica Mat and also took some 4×5’s using a film I have missed – Fomapan 200. I shot this just on our dining room table with my Chamonix 45F2 and my 150mm Fujinon f5.6 lens.

Shot at f/8 with some front tilt upwards. It was a full 2 minute exposure. I love Fomapan 200 but it has pretty steep reciprocity failure. I metered on the lens cap at 6 seconds. So yeah… :) But still, lovely film (and the price is right). I also rather enjoy using film cameras to shoot pictures of other film cameras… As for the Yashica Mat, I’ve only run two rolls through it. The BW roll I developed and it turned out lovely save for the 2nd exposure overlapping the 3rd. So I’ll need to run another roll through it to see if that’s an issue or not. I haven’t scanned or contact printed the negatives yet but they look lovely to my eye! And gosh it’s such a fun camera! Having 1 lens and film choice really helps avoid my tendency to over-complicate things. Plus it’s much lighter than my Bronica SQ. I love my SQ too when I want to shoot medium format, but for walking around and having a good time, I think the Yashica Mat is where it’s at!