Our beloved Sasha is now up in heaven. It’s been a very roller coaster of a week, with the highs of starting a new day job (one I’m very excited about) to the lows of having to allow Sasha to move onto the next chapter.

This photo is for me really, not you, but I thought I would share it as a reminder that film photography doesn’t have to just be for artistic purposes and can be a really nice way to capture one’s on life’s moments as well. Certainly one doesn’t have to shoot film to take memorable photos, but for me I’m glad I took the time to capture some of Sasha’s moments in this way. Of all the photos I have taken of Sasha, I gravitate towards this one. I dunno maybe it’s because I had a bigger hand in making it, along with the darkroom print I made that is hanging on my wall. Helps it feel, again for me, more tangible and real.

And maybe that’s the bigger point I’m trying to make, if poorly. Taking a photo is one thing, making a print of a memory is another and I’m a huge believer in making prints of things, especially of loved ones! Anyways I’ll miss her! She was a stubborn turd at times, but she was our stubborn turd. Hopefully she’s getting all the Chick-Fil-A fries she could ever want up there. She REALLY liked those fries… #alldogsgotoheaven #shootfilmbenice