Happy New Year! We made it!

For the first morning of the year, I woke up with an idea I wanted to do a 52 week photo challenge. Not a new idea by any means but nonetheless, here’s my “rules” :

1. Only Shot Per Week (One Exposure)
2. One Camera (for me, my Chamonix 45F2)
3. One Lens (for me, Fujinon 150mm)
4. One Film (for me, Fomapan 200)
5. No Cropping
6. Not part of any other series
7. Don’t overthink it

Basically take one photo (one exposure). Use a single camera, lens, film combo. No cropping – so native format of the camera. And the photo should be unique and not part of something you’re already doing or have already taken. Most importantly though, don’t overthink it. In fact almost bonus points if you UNDERthink it!

The photos can otherwise be whatever! Something epic or something mundane, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t overthink it!

Ultimately this is a project for me, but I will be sharing my photos here via #52filmphotos2021 and will also probably put them on my website. It’s just for fun and a nice way for me to practice with 4×5 and to learn Fomapan 200 more as well as get better at pre-visualizing with my 150mm lens.

Chances are it will still be a while before I can travel again so this forces me to shoot SOMETHING even if it’s just my empty coffee cup or a dirty sock. Whatever!

If you’d like to participate, feel free to join in! Use my rules or make up your own, it doesn’t matter! What matters is what you end up getting out of it. I’m actually kinda curious how the digital folks might handle this given it’s so hard to just take ONE exposure of one subject on digital. Could be a fun challenge! But of note it’s not meant to be a contest between photographers. That’s too much pressure! It’s meant to be practice without having to stress about it, so just do your thing and enjoy the journey!

Either way, here’s hoping 2021 is a better year than 2020!