Minecraft Creeper Cake!

For my birthday, Landon made me a cake! But not just any cake, a Creeper cake! Given his knowledge of my dislike towards Gumby, I thought he was going to make based around Gumby. In fact, when he started revealing the cake (as he had it covered), I thought that’s …

Goro Is a Great Teacher, Has a Great Restaurant

Yesterday, Corey and I went to a sushi making class at Central Market taught by none other than Goro, also known as the owner of Godai. First things first, Godai is an awesome sushi bar. It’s a hard toss-up between Sushi Zushi and Godai as my favorite sushi restaurant in …

The Swell, Episode 1 (2011-02-18)

First show under the new name. Enjoy! Red Sky (Subsonik & Smooth Remix) – John B & Shaz Sparks Hide And Seek (Duo Infernale Remix) – Panic Girl Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix) – Nero Shoreless (Original Mix) – Camo … Continue reading

NESA 2.0

I spent the whole day working on my NESA project and am happy to say I finished it! Sounds fantastic! Give it a look if you’re hot for the original 8-bit NES (the best console Nintendo has ever made, with the SNES being a very close second).

Meet NESA 1.1

My ramblings about my NES audio board and MB-SIDR8TR boards and etching adventures.