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It took me a while to run through this roll and as a result half of it is random photos while the other half is from my first real hiking trip up to House Thief Springs. This was in 35mm though I was originally hoping I would have had my 4×5 ready to go for it (alas it is still somewhere in the mail). It ended up being a good thing though because being my first hike, probably good to now carry around 3-4lbs of gear.

Delta 100 still holds the crown as my preferred 100 speed film. I do think I like it better in medium format, but I wasn’t about to take my heavy brick that is the Mamiya 1000s on a hike (that and I think I need to buy more Delta 100 for it…). I am feeling like my favorite black and white film overall is probably still HP5+ though I am trying our Pancro 400 (including some shots from our hike) and am very excited to see how that goes. And am still patiently waiting, as many folks are I am sure, on Ferrania P30.

Anyways some of these turned out well! I did dial up the contrast on most of them. Which speaks to Delta 100 providing lots of options though it doesn’t contribute much to being moody. Quite a few of these I do want to try as a proper darkroom print to see what comes of it, however.