Actually we didn’t quite make it to the springs. Instead we ended up camping on a rather nice vista with a nice and flat space to camp. This was my first ever real backpacking trip and I opted to pack light (good thing) and just brought my Nikon N80 35mm camera with a 50mm lens. There were times I really wanted a wide-angle but that lens is a full pound (.45kg). My total pack weight, before water, was around 17lb (around 7-8 kg) although I ended up carrying 5 liters of water and that was a lot of weight.

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These are the results from Ektar 100, although I shot Delta 100 and Bergger Pancro 400 (I will probably share them out separately once I develop the Pancro 400 which I have yet to do). There were a few misses on my part with learning how to expose for the scene when using a graduated filter; but also a few surprises. The forest through the trees has almost an HDR look to it that I didn’t expect and the berries were just super colorful, even more than I thought they would be knowing Ektar has vivid color. So all in all despite not getting better skies I’m rather happy. I learned what I will do a bit different next time.

The hike itself was also really fun and I felt like superman the following Monday. I am definitely looking forward to being able to go back out again! I will be doing some day hikes hopefully this Fall. Hopefully by then I will have my 4×5 camera all setup (and the muscle mass to carry it).