Went to Halcyon (around Blue Star in downtown San Antonio) for a family brunch of sorts, after which we want for a nice stroll along the river. It was a sunny day and seemed like a perfect time to try out PANF. I tried it in both 35mm and 120. I need more practice in 120 it would seem. Most of these are from 35mm. Part of my miss was forgetting medium format has a shallower depth of field at the same aperture as 35mm. Gave me some overtly blurry photos with a thin plane of sharpness that didn’t fit many scenes.

That is not the fault of PANF though. The film itself was fun to use, if a little flat at least when scanned. I developed it in ID-11 (1:3). In terms of grain, the scanner really couldn’t pick any up at 2400 DPI. If I used better holders, or perhaps the “DSLR method” of scanning I may have been able to bring out the grain a bit more. Nonetheless, I would say it’s a fine grain indeed. I haven’t tried to darkroom print it yet though. The images here were after contrast/curve adjustments made in Lightroom. I’m curious how that will compare to the darkroom (where I can use contrast filters of course) and am excited to try it.

I think FP4 is probably still going to be my new goto medium speed film though it’s still a bit of a toss up between it and Delta. It feels to me like FP4 has a bit more character than Delta or PANF. I like the idea of having a film that I can get in 35mm all the way up to 4×5 (or larger). That’s not to say PANF wasn’t fun, but I’ll probably just keep a few rolls around for when the mood strikes rather than considering it a staple. Anyways, onto the photos!

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