A few weeks back I shared my results of shooting Ilford’s PANF while around Halcyon/Bluestar in downtown San Antonio. I also shot a roll of HP5+ I’ve had sitting waiting to be developed. I was waiting before developing it until I shot more rolls of HP5+ but accidentally ruined my bulk roll and had been waiting for both a new roll and (brand new) Lloyd film loader to replace my Watson. Honestly they both have their quirks. The Lloyd worries me slightly since it runs the film through a felt light trap of sorts which may increase the change of scratches. So far, so good though.

Point is, I hadn’t shot much HP5+ until recently so I haven’t been able to share these results until now. Quite happy with these I have to say! HP5+ seems to have just the right amount of contrast and character without really much grain at least when scanned. That is not to say I haven’t enjoyed JCH Streetpan, Bergger Pancro or Delta 400; but for everyday shooting I think I have settled on HP5+. These results being a good example though I am curious how Pancro might fare.

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