Fully online RAID1 to RAID10 migration using Btrfs

I have actually been running Btrfs on our home NAS for a while. At first I was sort of turned off by the name and a bit by the folks behind if. But a nice article over at Ars Technica convinced me to give it a go. Previously, I was …

Watched the New Cosmos

And it was absolutely glorious! Really hope it was a ratings success as well as this show deserves to be on TV and on prime-time. So good!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was lovely this year. The usual material possessions were exchanged with some nice surprises. My mom gave me a dive knife, for instance, which was a total surprise! Likewise, Camden got some neat things. But I think the thing I will remember the most is what Camden said when …

Chaucer, 1997-2013

I can’t imagine there ever being a dog quite like Chaucer. He’s had a good life and certainly made mine ever so special. I’m gonna miss you good buddy. See you again someday.

Hurt, Live at Artslam!

Our cover of Hurt performed live at Artslam! with a cleaned up mix. The mix isn’t perfect but it certainly has a live sound to it! Perfection is boring, anyway.

Killin’ Slimes, Live at Artslam!

Well, the live mix wasn’t so great, but we were able to get the multitrack at least and fix things up a bit. So if you missed Artslam! (you missed out!), or just wanna hear it again, here you go! Regardless of the not so great mix, we had a[…]

Cassette Culture

I didn’t understand it quite at first. In fact, I still don’t think I have it fully figured out. But cassettes are making a bit of a comeback these days. I call it the “poor man’s analog.” Cassettes are cheap … Continue reading

First Show Complete, Next Steps

Last Saturday we performed to an audience the first time ever! A huge thanks to 10bitWorks and everyone involved. A special shout-out to Nick who was up incredibly late working around a last minute issue for the chiptune workshop. The … Continue reading